Tampa Bay Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

True Path Recovery of Tampa Bay offers a variety of rehabilitation options in our program, including Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Located directly on one of Tampa Bay's most beautiful beaches, just a few blocks from our facilities in Treasure Island, Florida, our comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program helps those who need 24-hour assistance achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

  • 28-Day Minimum Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • All-Inclusive Stay (Meals, Housing, Counseling, and Recreation)
  • Intimate, One-on-One & Small Group Counseling
  • Beachfront Housing on the Gulf of Mexico in Treasure Island, Florida
  • Beautiful, Serene Beach Walk Daily to and from Therapy
  • 6 Bed Facility with Semi-Private Rooms, Private Rooms are Available
  • 24-hour Wake Staff Available for Support
  • Safe, Secure, Confidential Environment
  • Social Activities including Sporting Events, Concerts, and Theme Parks (Monthly)
  • Family Visitation Encouraged on Weekends
  • Family Group Therapy Sessions (Phone Counseling Available)
  • Long-Term Options Available (Sober Living, Outpatient Treatment)

At True Path Recovery of Tampa Bay, we utilize a diversified type of holistic therapies for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. All of the following activities are essential to the client's rehabilitation and well-being. These include Yoga, Exercise, Art Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Individual Therapy.

Exercise works as a therapeutic process so a person can feel physically healthier. It also produces endorphins to create a positive mindset.

Yoga works to clear the mind through meditation and concentration, and to enhance the spirit.

Art Therapy works to identify possible underlying issues and/or issues that are not spoken to others.

Family Therapy works to educate the family about addiction, including how to cope with a loved one battling addiction. Family members learn to see their loved one as the person they once knew and not for their current behavior.

Marriage Counseling works to identify and find solutions to problems caused by and/or are causing unhappiness in the relationship.

Group Therapy is a successful form of therapy because people feel they have communal support and accountability. Members learn that while their problems all involve different dynamics, they are not alone in their suffering, or their desires for healthy, happy lifestyles.

Individual Therapy addresses not only substance abuse issues but psychological and emotional problems that may have or continues to exist in a person's life.

Identifying & Treating Underlying Psychological Issues

Depression: A sadness that results in feelings of doom, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, and not wanting to go on.

Anxiety: A constant worry about many different activities and events that occur in the work place, home, and other outside events. Those suffering from anxiety experience difficulty concentrating, fatigue, irritability, problems with sleep, and always being on edge.

PTSD: A result of trauma that has occurred in a person's life, I.E rape attack, war, accident, death, etc. The symptoms of PTSD include continuous and recurrent distressing recollections of the event, intense psychological distress at exposure of internal and external cues that symbolize or resemble an aspect of the traumatic event (gunfire vs. car backfiring).

A person will try to avoid thoughts, feelings, and/or conversations associated with the trauma, expressing feelings of detachment. As a result, a person will have difficulty sleeping, nightmares, irritability, difficulty concentrating, hypervigilance, and exaggerated startle response to name a few.

At True Path Recovery, we are licensed and experienced to assist persons that are experiencing emotional, mental health, and substance abuse issues.

One Phone Call is All It Takes to Change Your Life Forever

At True Path Recovery, we understand what a frightening time it can be for you or your loved one. We understand the feelings of hopelessness and anguish. We know how difficult it is to fully recover from drug and alcohol abuse – that’s why most can’t do it alone.

Call us toll free, at 1-877-367-9662 and let’s explore your treatment options – no obligations. Let’s guide you back down the path you belong. We’re ready when you are. One phone call is all it takes.